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Effetti per Animazione

Effetti per Animazione


Spara potenti getti di fumo freddo ideale per animazione


  • Premium quality CO2 gun.
  • CO2 smoke reaching 6-8m.
  • Manufactured with high quality components.
  • Equipped with fast coupler system.
  • Three handle positions (right-handed, left-handed, center).
  • Ideal for Dj’s and Disco shows.

TYPHOON fucile Air Compressor

Fucile ideale per animazioni, il più versatile, ideale per lo sparo di coriandoli, stelle filanti, t-shirt, gadget, polveri HOLI


  • Awesome multipurpose confetti gun.
  • Delivered with its transport bag, air tube and 4 specific tubes for each purpose.
  • It shoots confetti at 10-18m.
  • Streamers at 22-25m.
  • T-shirts or other gadgets at >30 m.
  • Also suitable for Holi powder shooting.
  • No CO2 required.
  • Works with compressed air at 6-8 BAR.
  • Fill the air tank, disconnect from your compressor and make 1 shot.
  • Very easy operation
  • Ideal for Disco clubs, Sport and marketing events
  • Get the back pack air compressor with battery and run free without need of electricity.


HURRICANE GUN “best Ibiza Effect”  CO2

Maxi Bazooka a CO2, sparo di grandi quantità di coriandoli ad oltre 20mt


  • Amazing confetti blow at more than 20m and Bazooka effect. All in one.
  • Also suitable for Holi powder.
  • Works with CO2 (or Nitrogen for a much powerfull shot).
  • No need of electricity.
  • Fill the supplied reusable cartridge with your wished confetti or holi powder, and shoot.
  • Requires high pressure hose to run.
  • The most desired product by DJ’s. Ideal on Disco clubs.
  • Includes a shoulder strap.